Sunday, April 6, 2008

3 Wise Monkeys, Philip Glass

I've always loved Japanese and Chinese stamps (or chops), especially the red ink stamps on Zen calligraphy and paintings. My 3 wise monkeys stamp (or chop) was based on small figurines I saw at the Gandhi Museum in India. I use it on letters and such.

Diary Entry:
Sunday, March 1, 1992

This afternoon we visited Gandhi's Memorial Park and Museum. I saw people in the most intense colors -- primarily oranges, golden yellows, magentas and reds. Like flowers. I can't help observing the contrast of filth, grime, pollution with the brightness and joy of color.

Gandhi's Museum had all sorts of photos and objects relating to his life and teachings.I wanted to shoot some photos of displays but hesitated both because I thought they wouldn't come out and because it didn't feel proper.

A few of my favorite displays were: a small inset with the words "His Masters" in English and Hindi under tiny figurines of 3 monkeys with their hands over their ears, eyes and mouths (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil) which in turn were under a small crude set of wood mala beads. Also a replica of his room, a pocket watch (I didn't know Gandhi had a pockets) and 3 of his teeth.

The greatest impact was entering a room containing a glass case enclosing his blood stained garment and a bullet removed from his body. I actually "felt" a tangible energy. I also saw some photos which reminded me of Philip Glass's opera "Satyagraha." . . .


Remus-Adrian M. said...
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Matthew said...

You've reminded me of the little ornament of the see/hear/speak no evil monkeys that I bought on holiday in France when I was about 6 or 7. Why I was buying ornaments as holiday souvenirs at that age I have no idea, and I didn't understand their meaning until my father explained after I bought them. They're still going strong at my mother's house. Ah well, thanks for sharing your memories Frank!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love the sketch depicting the 3 wise monkeys in the circle & I'd like to know if I could use it as a banner or is there some kind of copyright protecting it?


Frank Olinsky said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for your comment.And thanks for asking. I own the copyright to this artwork.I would allow you to use it as a banner (something not for sale) if you posted my name and copyright notice next to it or somewhere so people would know who created it: (c) 2009 Frank Olinsky
Also, please send me the link.