Thursday, March 5, 2009

That 80s Show

I'm mostly awful at promoting myself. Here's an exception from the vault. A large promotional print piece (measuring 24 x 17 inches when folded open) for my good old studio Manhattan Design. Shown above is the fashionista cover photo of my partner Pat Gorman and myself taken by Caroline Greyshock and the inside spread, which required my extreme x-acto blade typography work. Can you believe the copy?!: "Billy Idol sums up their work as 'fuckin' brilliant" and "The whole world looks to Manhattan Design". Whoa!



I am LOVING this, Frank... You and Pat look like an 80s pop duo. I'm thinking Animotion... or maybe Timbuk3... or two of The Motels.

I mean this in THE NICEST WAY, of course. ;-)

Fred Seibert said...

That is great! Never saw it then, glad you posted it now.

Frank Olinsky said...

Fred. Can't believe you never saw this. Better late than never I guess.