Friday, December 26, 2008


T-shirt © 2008 Frank Olinsky
I’ve been living in Brooklyn for a long time. About 40 years or so. A lot has changed over that time. Used to be none of my friends would come visit. Now Brooklyn has become a superstar. Why only a few weeks ago they were shooting an episode of Gossip Girl on my corner. Heath Ledger lived down the block and and I didn’t know until after he died. Any way, like it or not things change. One thing that has not changed is my love for this place. I came up with this t-shirt design awhile back. I decided to have a small edition printed up as gifts for friends and family members. In case you were wondering “BKLYN” is an abbreviation for Brooklyn. It has five letters as does the word “rocks” which made for visual symmetry.


Rosemary Davis said...

I love this shirt, Frank! Brooklyn pride and symmetry are two of my favorite things.

Frank Olinsky said...

Thanks for your comment, Rosemary.

Frank Olinsky said...
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