Sunday, March 23, 2008

Live Bait

Live Bait is a bar/restaurant located on 23rd Street in NYC. It was established back in 1987 by Andrew Silverman and a group of fashion models including Eric Petterson, Carolyn Effer and Charles Milite. I designed the lettering used on the sign, menus, and merch.


Demon said...

The font's got a nice hand drawn quality about it, was this created at the time the bar opened in 1987 and if so how did you go about it back then? Sometimes you can spend days searching for the right font, when the time could be better spent creating exclusive typeface that is perfect for the job!

Fred Seibert said...

You know, I've been walking by 'Live Bait' for years and it never occurred to me it had even been "designed," no less by someone I know. And that's the best compliment for great work I could give, yes?

Frank Olinsky said...

Thanks for the compliment