Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rusty Cloud

Watercolor from the early '70s. Painting created for an LP that never came out. I don't recall the circumstances. The musician's name was Rusty Cloud (for real).


Fred Seibert said...


Rusty a pianist/composer/singer who's worked with The Blues Brothers, Bo Diddley, and Southside Johnny, among others.

Rusty and I worked together on Dr.C, an R&B band we put together with some Huntington friends (wish I could find the awesome flyer Mark Larson designed for us). A jazz musician also, I recorded an album of his compositions with saxophonist Jim Clouse up at the Carla Bley/Michael Mantler studio in Woodstock, hoping to get it released independently.

You kindly agreed to do the awesome cover illustration on spec.

Personal issues shattered my relationship with Rusty and the band and the record was unfortunately never released.

Frank Olinsky said...

Fred, thanks for all the info on Rusty.