Monday, June 16, 2008

Time Is Running Out

A promotional calendar for my old studio Manhattan Design and our favorite printer Enterprise Press. I came up with the idea for this calendar after not finding any good ones on the market for 1982. Manhattan Design provided the artwork and design and Enterprise Press donated the printing. Calendars were given out to clients and a small amount were sold in a few stores in Greenwich Village. It featured monthly illustrations based on the "time is running out" theme. Artists included: Mark Marek, Jean Tuttle, Jim Cherry, Futzie Nutzle, Richard Stine, Vivienne Fleischer, Keith Haring, Candy Jernigan, Guy Billout, Gary Panter, Steven Guarnaccia, and yours truly (shown above along with cover and grid for November). I recall there was also a painting by Sue Coe that was rejected by the printer because it was too intense for his taste.

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Matthew said...

It'd be great to see all the other months from this calendar one day!