Friday, May 2, 2008

Selected Reject: Best of Luna

Rejected cover for Best of Luna. Photo taken back in the swinging '60s by the legendary David Bailey. The leggy girl in white is the likewise legendary model, Penelope Tree. (Dig the wine and vinyl on the floor). Luna loved my idea for the cover as did the record company art department. Much to my surprise and joy, permissions were obtained from Mr. Bailey and Ms. Tree. Apparently the party people had sufficiently obscurred faces (cropped or wearing sunglasses -- digitally added in the case of the girl on the left) to be legally passable. Unfortunately the record company lawyers nixed use of the photo because they couldn't track down the full-faced fellow with the shiny jacket passed out on the sofa. (Someone said he was in the band Procol Harum). Too bad.

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I always thought of Penelople Tree as Twiggy's slightly goth kid sister.

Great cover and concept anyhow.