Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dogs Waiting for Their Humans

This is a selection of photos from a series taken in and around my neighborhood in Brooklyn. So far they have been rejected by The New Yorker, McSweeney's, Time Out New York, Bark, and several other publications. To quote a rejection letter I received from a noted gift book publisher: ". . . Your photographs, though powerful, convey a sense of melancholy; the viewer tends to feel sorry for the dogs who have been left behind, if only temporarily."

Secret Machines (Before and After)

This was the first package design I created for the Secret Machines. The concept came to me fully visualized in a dream. The top picture of the room and the band's equipment was taken by one of my favorite photographers and collaborators, Nitin Vadukul. The bottom picture is the final cover image after digital magic was applied by Andres Fernandez.

My Desk

This is a drawing I made around 1970 in my dorm room at Pratt Institute. Check out the Fillmore posters and other hippie ephemera.

Mark said . . .

". . . Fred is right."
Mark Larson has been my best pal since almost forever. He is a talented art director and graphic designer and an all around great guy.

Fred said . . .

". . . You should start a blog."
Fred is Fred Seibert, a lifelong friend and a media innovator whose accomplishments are legion. Fred is the guy who hired my former design studio, Manhattan Design, to create the MTV logo. He most recently hired me to design logos for one of his current projects, Next New Networks. Check out Bleacher Bloggers, Metal Chik, and Goggleburn to see them.